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We are happy to share this update on our “Road to Renewal” initiative to keep everyone informed on the steps that are being taken to reinvigorate the Catholic faith in our Diocese. While we are certainly living in very challenging times, this is an opportunity, needed now more than ever, to strengthen our faith and to promote a culture of co-responsibility among clergy and laity in carrying out the work of evangelization, education, and service.


May 2023 Update

April 2023 Update

2023 Update

To watch additional update videos please go to the Renewal playlist on Youtube.

Dealing with Insecure People (Priest/Leadership Resource)

After spending over 35 years working in organizational development and studying workplace psychology, I’ve assisted thousands of individuals to better understand how to navigate tough organizational relationships, especially during times
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More on Leadership (Priest/Leadership Resource)

Leaders, regardless of title or application, have always been – and always will be – expected to produce results.  In today’s very different world, however, leaders need to produce results
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New Priest Assignments as Road to Renewal continues

Downloadable Family of Parishes May 2023 Assignment List Bishop Michael W. Fisher has announced 47 priest assignments in the Diocese of Buffalo signaling an increase in the momentum of the
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two women holding pen

Criteria for naming of a Family of Parishes

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Missionary Disciples | April 25

Did you know? Why is St. Mark’s gospel identified with a lion, Luke’s with a oxen, Matthew’s with a person, and John’s with an eagle? Go to the opening lines
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Alpha and LITE

Informational flyers about the Alpha program and the Life of the Eucharist:
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