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New Priest Assignments as Road to Renewal continues

Bishop Michael W. Fisher has announced 47 priest assignments in the Diocese of Buffalo signaling an increase in the momentum of the Road to Renewal program that is grouping diocesan parishes into a collaborative model of two to six parishes per family.

The appointments were conferred Wednesday, May 17 and priests had their weekend Masses to communicate their new assignments to their parishioners.

The one-time assignments of 47 priests may be the largest number of priest assignments conferred in the history of the Diocese of Buffalo. As Bishop Fisher made the assignments, he called his brother priests to remember as in the founding of diocese some 176 years ago that is the continuing mission to bring the sacraments to the people. During the diocese’s early days, five priests ministered to 30,000 Catholics.

“Brothers, I need you. I need you to support the mission of the Church with all of your gifts and expertise,” Bishop Fisher said. “Be supportive of one another and work as a team to provide for our people’s spiritual needs.”

With the current appointments effective June 1, June 5, June 15, and July 1, pastors are assigned to 26 of the 36 Families of Parishes along with two moderators of in solidum families of parishes in the diocese.


Author: wnycatholic

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