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We are happy to share this update on our “Road to Renewal” initiative to keep everyone informed on the steps that are being taken to reinvigorate the Catholic faith in our Diocese. While we are certainly living in very challenging times, this is an opportunity, needed now more than ever, to strengthen our faith and to promote a culture of co-responsibility among clergy and laity in carrying out the work of evangelization, education, and service.


2023 Update

May 12, 2022 Update

Pastors, parish renewal representatives, and parish staff members, thank you for your commitment to encouraging your parishioners to take part in the Disciple Maker Index Survey and for your assistance in supporting the Called for More program as a part of the Diocese of Buffalo’s Road to Renewal. We had a good survey response across the diocese with almost 18,000 survey responses

Each parish’s survey results will be available soon! In preparation for this, we are offering the opportunity for priests and parish leaders to understand how to best use the results that have been generated. We will be hosting a series of three webinars designed to learn how to access survey results and add other parish leaders to the portal, understand and share the data, identify action steps, and move forward with this new information.

There are 3 different webinars for you to attend. Each webinar will be offered 3 times:

·        Webinar #1:  Accessing Your Results (select only one option)

  • Option 1 – Tue, May 17, 2022      10:00-11:30am – Register here
  • Option 2 – Tue, May 17, 2022      7:00-8:30pm – Register here
  • Option 3 – Thu, May 19, 2022      1:00-2:30pm – Register here

·        Webinar #2:  Common Challenges and Opportunities (select only one option)

  • Option 1 – Tue, Jun 14, 2022        10:00-11:30am – Register here
  • Option 2 – Tue, Jun 14, 2022        7:00-8:30pm – Register here
  • Option 3 – Thu, Jun 16, 2022        1:00-2:30pm – Register here

·        Webinar #3:  Discerning Actions to Move Forward (select only one option)

  • Option 1 – Tue, Jul 12, 2022         10:00-11:30am – Register here
  • Option 2 – Tue, Jul 12, 2022         7:00-8:30pm – Register here
  • Option 3 – Thu, Jul 14, 2022         1:00-2:30pm – Register here


May 10, 2022 Update

Clergy Portal has been added to the Renewal site for the Families of Parishes. 

To watch additional update videos please go to the Renewal playlist on Youtube.

Glossary of Terms

Accountability:  A person who accepts the ownership of the successful completion of a task(s) or the achievement of expected positive outcome(s). This person may delegate certain responsibilities to other parties,
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PDS Church Office and Ledger Transition

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Niagara County parishes create family identity

The parishes of Lockport, Ransomville and Newfane now have a family name – the Central Niagara Catholic Family – and have made great strides in unifying its administration. The pilot
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Coach/Mentor Program for Pastors

Priests appointed to be pastor of a Family of Parishes in the Diocesan Road to Renewal Program will have the option of being assigned a coach/mentor to assist them in
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Cattaraugus parishes won’t let the distance keep family apart

Bringing parishes together is nothing new to Father Dennis Mancuso, the new pastor of Family 25 in Cattaraugus County.   “I have done a lot of this before in my former
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New Vicars Forane Announced

The Diocese of Buffalo is changing the structure of one of its primary advisory bodies to Bishop Michael W. Fisher in order to streamline how the diocese supports its ministry
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Update for June 29, 2021:

Article in the Buffalo News. 

Road to Renewal Update for March 22, 2021:

Father Bryan Zielenieski, pastor of St. Mary in Swormville, has been chosen to lead the diocesan Road to Renewal initiative. 

Bishop Michael Fisher has announced the appointment of Father Bryan Zielenieski as episcopal vicar for Renewal and Development. In this newly created role, Father Zielenieski will work with a small team to oversee the coordination of the Road to Renewal planning process that includes consultation, education and promotion of the renewal initiative among diocesan offices, parishes, schools and ministries.

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