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We are happy to share this update on our “Road to Renewal” initiative to keep everyone informed on the steps that are being taken to reinvigorate the Catholic faith in our Diocese. While we are certainly living in very challenging times, this is an opportunity, needed now more than ever, to strengthen our faith and to promote a culture of co-responsibility among clergy and laity in carrying out the work of evangelization, education, and service.


May 2023 Update

April 2023 Update

2023 Update

To watch additional update videos please go to the Renewal playlist on Youtube.

Missionary Disciples | August 23

Years ago, a man was shocked to read his own obituary in the morning paper. His death was mistakenly reported. But what shocked him most was how the obituary described
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Living as Missionary Disciples | July 26, 2023

Did Jesus have grandparents?While Jesus is the son of God, he also had earthly grandparents but only one is mentioned in the Bible. Tradition has it that Mary’s parents were
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New priest assignments as Road to Renewal continues

Bishop Michael W. Fisher has announced the next round of priest assignments in the Diocese of Buffalo as the Road to Renewal program continues to place pastors and parochial vicars
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Missionary Disciples | June 28

July 4 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826 — on the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence.  Americans eat around 150 million hot dogs each Independence
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person holding a green plant

Missionary Disciples | June 13, 2023

Flag Day – June 14 (established in 1917) There are six American flags on the moon. If you like to study flags, you are a Vexillologist! Wave the symbol of
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Pillar Information Sheet

Pillar Information Sheet Formation of Pillar Groups: 6 Church Pillars Liturgy Description: The Liturgy is the primary way in which we worship God. The focus on the liturgy pillar is
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