Parish Form: This Form should be completed by a parish group to “take inventory” of what the parish currently has in place, I.e., its strengths, limitations and what it’s lacking within this pillar. This completed form prepares each parish for its first Pillar Group Meeting.

  1. Identify current roles in your parish Faith Formation Department
    • DRE
    • Youth Minister
    • Middle School Coordinator
    • High School Coordinator
    • Sacrament Coordinator
    • Office Secretary
    • Retreat Coordinator
    • Web/Technology/ Social Media Expert
    • Outreach/ In-reach Coordinator
  2. Assess the strengths of the parish Faith Formation program.
    • Family Engagement: Participation in Liturgical events
    • Weekly Mass Attendance
    • Family Faith Formation program
    • Youth Ministry Experiences
    • Sacrament preparation
      1. First Reconciliation
      2. First Communion
      3. Confirmation
    • Immersion Trips 
    • Summer Camps
  3. Identify the limitations of the parish Faith Formation program.
    • Reliable Volunteers
    • Qualified Catechists
    • Space for large gatherings
    • Limited resources
    • Lack of support from parish leadership
    • Technology and equipment.
    • Condition / Maintenance of the school building
    • Church/ School Handicapped Accessibility
    • Accommodating number of classrooms/ desks/chairs for students/ families?
    • Communication with parish personnel
    • Working Kitchen
  4. Identify which Faith Formation programs your parish currently has in place.
    • Family Faith Formation Program (K-6th Gr) 
    • Junior high School program (7th– 8th Gr) 
    • High school program (9th -12th Gr) 
    • Sacramental Preparation Programs
      • First Reconciliation
      • First Communion
      • Confirmation   
    • Family Inclusive Catechesis Program (K-12th Grades) 
    • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (3-6 years old)
  5. Assess the OCIA / RCIA program offered in your parish.
    • Does your parish offer an OCIA / RCIA program?
    • Who leads / coordinates this program?
    • What resource(s) are used?
      • How many individuals typically go through the program each year?
      • What are the overall strengths and limitations of the program?
  6. Adult Formation
    • Does your parish offer any opportunities for adult faith formation?
    • Who leads / coordinates this program?
    • What resource(s) are used?
    • How many individuals typically participate in these opportunities?
    • What are the overall strengths and limitations of the program?
  7. Assess the Faith formation modules that your parish provides for children and families in your parish?
    • Hybrid
    • At Home
    • In Community
    • Online
    • Inclusive Catechesis
    • Junior high school
    • High school
  1. Quantify the number of students in your parish Faith Formation programs
    • Pre K- K
    • 1st-2nd 
    • 3rd-4th 
    • 5th-6th 
    • 7th-8th (Junior high)
    • 9th -12th (High school)
  2. List the resources/ text books / digital platforms you currently use to catechize the children and families in your Faith Formation program(s)
    • Pre K
    • Family Program (K-6th Gr)
    • 1st Gr
    • 2nd Gr + First Reconciliation prep
    • 3rd Gr + First Communion prep
    • 4th Gr
    • 5th Gr
    • 6th Gr
    • 7th Gr
    • 8th Gr
    • 9th Gr + Confirmation prep
    • 10th Gr + Confirmation prep
    • 11th Gr
    • 12th Gr
    • How are students learning about their Faith after high school?
  3. Identify the main method of communication that is used to reach parents in your parish Faith Formation programs. Please describe how these methods are used? Example: Email- homework, Text- emergencies, Direct Mail Invitations- social / liturgical events
    • Email
    • Text
    • Flocknote
    • Phone calls
    • Newsletters
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Direct Mail Invitations
    • Letter campaign
  4. Consider the ways your parish engages families in both Catholic school and/ or Faith Formation in the celebration of Liturgy, Feast Days, Solemnities and Holy Days throughout the year
    • Weekend Mass
    • Advent/ Christmas/ Christmas Season
    • Lent/ Easter / Easter Season/ Divine Mercy Sunday
    • Pentecost
    • Confession
    • Solemnities
    • Holy Days:
      1. Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God (Jan 1)
      2. Ascension (Thursday- 6th week of Easter)
      3. Assumption (August 15)
      4. All Saints Day (Nov 1)
      5. Immaculate Conception (Dec 8)
    • Saint Feast Days
    • Please see ‘Liturgical Devotional Calendar’ for ideas
    • Please reference the ‘Precepts for celebrating the Liturgical Calendar’ from the DOB Office of Worship