Here are a few recommendations to help optimize your Unified Liturgical Schedule:  

  1. One priest is permitted to say 3 Masses per weekend
    • The schedule must be respectful of safe travel time between parishes
    • The schedule must also provide ample time for interaction with parishioners after the Mass

Here are a few recommendations to help optimize your Unified Sacramental Schedule:

  1. Are sacraments offered appropriately (frequency, duration) for the size of family?
    • Has the Family considered any innovative ways that would help parishioners have greater access to the Sacraments?
      • Offering a variety of Reconciliation times to match work schedules
      • Providing spiritual talks that educate and encourage people to make greater use of the Sacraments (i.e. Life in the Eucharist – see Forming Disciples Pillar) First Reconciliation and First Communion should be celebrated at the individual parish and can be conjoined when agreed upon. Where possible, one Confirmation Mass should be celebrated within FOP. There may be occasions, where, depending on the size of church, the location, and the number of Confirmands to receive the sacrament, additional parishes within the FOP may be considered , so as to accommodate the conferring of the sacrament. 
      • We highly recommend giving your parishioners at least 4-6 weeks notice before implementing your new Unified Liturgical Schedule. Placing the notice using a wide variety of media, such as bulletins, website, social media, weekly announcements, and signage, should be implemented because it takes at least 5 times/impressions for the parishioner to recognize a message.
  2. After collaborative Family of Parishes (FoP) discussions, what is your finalized Unified Liturgical Schedule?
  3. After collaborative FoP discussions, what is your finalized Unified Sacramental Schedule?
  4. What are all of the ways that you will communicate the new Unified Liturgical Schedule within your entire Family of Parishes? 
  5. Process – Correlating to the Administrative Pillar, it might be wise to begin the discussion of the following: 
    • Who will intake the Sacramental inquiry information for the Family of Parishes? (I.e. weddings, funerals, reconciliation appointment requests, etc.)
    • Who will disseminate this information within your Family of Parishes? 
  6. Has the Family selected your Liturgy/Worship Committee members for the Family? (Y/N) 
  7. Is there a director of worship on your liturgy committee? 
  8. Is there a music minister on your liturgy committee?
  9. What are the goals and responsibilities of your Liturgy / Worship Committee?

Need a form to gather all your parishes’ data in your Family in one document? Download the Liturgy Snapshot Worksheet here.