Let’s start with providing a new approach to Evangelization, which will help define the mission of this pillar. We have all heard the term OutReach, but InReach is a new term that we are just introducing. The combination Outreach/InReach is the two-pronged focus by which we are defining Evangelization. Here’s what we mean:

We define OutReach as any proactive encounter with people who are seeking God, including, but not limited to non-practicing Catholics / Christians by providing a variety of ministries focused beyond the boundaries of the Family of Parishes. Outreach ministries also provide opportunities to empower parishioners to truly become missionary disciples. 

Think of it this way: Outreach walks on two feet. 

  • The first foot is evangelization, those who are seeking God, as well as Catholics / Christians who have been inactive in their faith. 
  • The second foot is the care we provide for the less fortunate regardless of their faith or lack of faith.

Inreach, however, provides for the ministerial and spiritual needs of the active members within the Family of Parishes. In other words, Inreach refers to supporting parishioners who are in some type of need.