Parish Form: It is important that every parish inventories its own strengths and limitations within each of these specific areas to then present to all the parishes within the Family of Parishes. As a Family, you will determine what to keep as is, what to build upon or what to redesign. 

To help prepare for your Family Outreach/Inreach Pillar discussion, complete the following below. 

  1. List all parish ministries and see which ones could fall under the appropriate category (InReach, OutReach or in some cases, both).
  2. List all of the ways that the parish reaches out to inactive Catholics. This can be a specific plan of “going forth” or the many ways that your parish welcomes the unchurched when they come on “Family of Parish Properties”. Eg. funerals, weddings, baptism, Mother’s day, Christmas, Easter, etc. 
    • What does the parish do to welcome, connect and/or reconnect with them?
    • Have parishioners have been properly trained to be radically hospitable?
  3. Existing Committees: 
    • Example: Is there an evangelization committee or something similar that the Family or Parishes could build upon? 
    • Is there an established group in the parish that initiates ministry in any area of social justice? 
  4. Recommendations:
    • Assess the parish’s sensitivity to the social mission of the Church. To do this effectively, look at the questions taken from the USCCB document “Salt and Life” that can be found in the resources section of this app.