A typical misconception of stewardship is that all it has to do with is money. However, this couldn’t be more false! There are many different forms of stewardship, which can include the following:

  • Service / Ministry (time and talent)
  • Sacrificial Giving (treasure)
  • Bequest (treasure)      
  • Campaign Pledge (treasure)
  • Special Gifts (treasure and talent)

The first step to stewardship should be transitioning people from having faith to living their faith; creating a stronger emphasis on involvement. To help establish this new theme, we would need to discuss ways to educate, inform and motivate parishioners to more proactively use their time, treasure and talents by participating in their Family of Parishes ministries. You may consider using some of the following themes to recruit parishioners to this new way of thinking:  

Consider these Spiritual Foundations for Recruitment Campaigns:

  1. The Mustard Seed
  2. Widow’s mite
  3. Rich man and Lazarus
  4. Good Steward

Consider these Motivational themes to get attention: 

  1. “Stewardship is the opportunity to use God’s gifts to become spiritual caretakers”
  2. “Become more passionate about your spiritual home”
  3. “Respond, Participate & Respond”
  4. “Take Ownership”
  5. “Share & Care”