Parish Form: This Form should be completed by a parish group to “take inventory” of what the parish currently has in place, I.e., its strengths, limitations and what it’s lacking within this pillar. This completed form prepares each parish for its first Pillar Group Meeting.

  1. What stewardship activities are currently in place?
    • Formal or informal?
  2. How does your parish typically reach out when in need? (i.e. bulletins, annoucements, media, etc.)
    • Bulletins
    • Pulpit announcements
    • Individual/personal requests
  3. Fundraisers
    •  Does your parish have any annual fundraisers? If yes…
    • What is this fundraiser and when/where is it typically hosted?
  4. Vocations
    • Are there priests, religious sisters/brothers, deacons who have come from the parishes in your family?
    • Is the topic of vocations mentioned regularly from the pulpit at Masses?
    • Are there vocation materials displayed prominently at various places within your parish properties?
    • Has your parish participated in a vocation recruitment program such as “Called By Name?”
    • Do your parish bulletins include the weekly vocations message from the diocesan Vocation Director?
    • How does your parish actively pray for vocations?