Parish Form: This Form should be completed by a parish group to “take inventory” of what the parish currently has in place, I.e., its strengths, limitations and what it’s lacking within this pillar. This completed form prepares each parish for its first Pillar Group Meeting.

  1. What is your process for inviting parishioners to become involved in the ministries of your parish? 
  2. Is there a ministry to continue to support and encourage people to volunteer?
  3. What are the areas of service and ministries that parishioners can be involved in? 
  4. What are the ways that your parish fundraises? (bingo, special fundraising events, summer carnivals, extra collections, etc.) If you have a school, do not include school fundraisers, just general parish fundraising events. 
  5. Do you have a yearly campaign for stewardship? 
  6. Does your parish invite parishioners to leave bequests to your church in their wills? If so, how is that advertised?